Search engine optimisation

We design all our websites to be search engine friendly, fully responsive, easy to navigate and be pleasing to the eye. Depending on customer requirements we also monitor your websites progress in the search results and tweek various elements of the website to gradually improve rankings.

Search engine promotion

On the Internet everybody can be equal. You can own a website as technologically powerful, visually impressive and commercially productive as any of the top multi-billion dollar international companies.

Placement and ranking on a search engine depends not on money but technique.

Search engine submissions

Drive traffic to your website by submitting your site to all the major search engines and directories. The importance of search engines can’t be overlooked as they are the most popular method for discovering new sites. The process for registering your website on search engines one at a time can be very time consuming,  so we offer our search engine submission process to save you time and money.
We will submit your website to all the major search engines once a month for only £60 per year.